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Our Story

About Principia Wealth Advisory

The name of the Company, “Principia”, is the Latin word from which we derive “principle” and literally means “of first importance” or “foundational”. We strive to lead our clients in establishing a solid financial foundation from which all other financial goals and objectives will be built upon.

We are passionate about our business because we view the need for quality advice in the area of financial stewardship as critical to the quality of individual and family lives. As with other areas of life, in the absence of wise counsel there are ways and means that seem right to folks, but in the end lead to adverse consequences.

Lastly, we recognize that any bestowed success is derived from the partnerships we’ve been privileged to foster with our clients and the communities they represent; and therefore seek to give-back by reinvesting our time and support in various philanthropic efforts both locally and globally (with the hopes of facilitating lasting positive impact and real life transformation in the lives of the poor, needy, forgotten, and lost).

How PWA was Born

The Company was founded in December 2009. PWA’s President and Founder, AJ Plautz, formed the firm as a result of much research into the different platforms from which to execute wealth advisory. Thinking through the lens of how clients would want to be served if they possessed the same information, his findings led him to the conclusion that forming an independent Registered Investment Adviser (“RIA”) and engaging clients as a fee-only advisor was in the best interest of his clients based on the service his clients desired and his preference for client engagement in a conflict-free environment. This idea has been confirmed as the public more and more wants to be served by a fiduciary, not sold a product.

Over the years, many clients have introduced family members, friends, and colleagues to the firm. We appreciate our clients’ confidence and trust, and consider their referrals to be the ultimate validation of the service we provide. However, we are mindful of our desire to remain attentive to client needs, and will reasonably limit the number of new client relationships in order to ensure that the quality of service continues to meet our high standards of care.

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