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What Issues Should I Consider When Reviewing My Home & Auto Insurance Policies?

Reviewing Your Home & Auto Insurance Policies? Don't Miss These Key Points!

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Auto Insurance

  • Coverage: Assess if your collision and comprehensive coverage is adequate for your vehicle’s value. Adjusting your deductible can help manage your premium costs.
  • Children: If you have children on your policy, check for good student discounts. For part-time drivers, such as college students, you may qualify for additional discounts. Be aware of when they need their own policy.

Homeowner’s Insurance

  • Property Changes: Whether buying or selling a home, review your insurance options. Ensure your policy covers at least 80% of the home’s replacement value. Update your coverage after significant home improvements or if the property's value has increased.
  • Safety Features: Inform your insurer about smoke detectors, security systems, and fire extinguishers to potentially receive discounts. Condo owners should check for gaps between the condo association’s master policy and their own policy.

Personal Property & Umbrella Insurance

  • Extra Liability: To supplement your auto and homeowner’s policies, consider purchasing an umbrella insurance policy for additional liability protection.