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What Issues Should I Consider When Reviewing My Health & Life Insurance Policies?

Reviewing Your Health & Life Insurance Policies?

Download our "2024 Health & Life Insurance Review Checklist":

Health Insurance

  • Married Couples: Evaluate if separate health coverage or a single comprehensive plan is better.
  • Policy Shopping: If you are self-paying, reassess annually for better options.
  • Medicare: Ensure annual review and creditable drug coverage or Part D selection to avoid penalties.

Life Insurance

  • Employer Coverage: Check for changes in employer-provided life insurance options or limits.
  • Permanent Policies: Review policy performance and dividend applications.
  • Term Policies: Assess remaining term and whether current needs have changed.

Disability Insurance

  • Employer Coverage: Verify any changes and adequacy of employer-provided disability insurance.
  • Additional Coverage: Ensure Social Security and personal savings meet potential needs, or consider extra insurance.

Long-Term Care Insurance

  • Policy Review: Confirm appropriate services, benefits, and riders like inflation protection.
  • Premium Changes: Investigate other options if there's a significant premium increase.