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Financial Planning

Ongoing, broad-based financial guidance.

Our financial planning programs have one goal in mind: to help you better steward your finances so that you can achieve your goals.


We believe financial planning is done best as an ongoing service, rather than at a point-in-time. We work with you to develop and implement a strategy and then walk with you to monitor and make changes as life happens.


Whether you are a young professional at the brink of your career, a seasoned veteran at the cusp of retirement, or anywhere in between, we know that your many goals feel like competing priorities. It can be hard to wrap your arms around the entire picture. That’s where we come in.

Financial Guidance

Like anything, financial health requires establishing a firm foundation. We make sure you take care of first things first, and then help you tackle the rest of your objectives.

Let Us Build a Plan For You

Our Financial Planning service includes:

Cash Flow Management

We’ll provide the tools and the coaching to enable you to maximize your monthly surplus, plan for large, irregular expenses and determine how much cash you need to keep liquid.

Personal Insurance Review

We’ll review all your personal insurance policies: home, auto, umbrella, life, disability—you name it. We’ll make sure that you don’t have too little coverage (or too much!) and help you obtain it at an appropriate price.

Debt Reduction

Credit cards, student loans, auto loans, lines of credit—whatever it is, we’ll help you build and manage a plan to aggressively attack your debt.

Education Planning

A quality education is among the best gifts we can give our children…but it’s expensive. We’ll help you save and plan for how to make those dreams a reality, taking advantage of tax-favored accounts, but maintaining flexibility if plans change.

Employee Benefits Review

Quite often, some of the best benefits available to us are buried on page. 47 of our employee benefits handbook. We’ll review your benefits—both the automatic and optional ones—and help you determine what to opt in for and what not to.

Retirement Planning

Are you on track to financial freedom? Do you need to be saving more? Do you even have the right type of accounts? We can provide you answers to those questions—and others—and manage that plan through life’s many changes.